Disclosures & Policies

The disclosures applicable to your accounts at Lanco Federal Credit Union are available below and are accurate as of 11/15/2017. If you have any questions or would like to request a copy of current disclosures, please call (717) 569-7180 or visit any branch.

Dormant Account Information

Lanco FCU would like to make you aware that if your account has not experienced activity for at least 12 months, it is classified as dormant (inactive) and is subject to a Dormant/Inactive fee of $5.00 per month. You may easily reactivate your account and avoid this fee by making a deposit or withdrawal to your account. State law requires that account balances be surrendered or escheated to the state if the owner has not generated account activity within three years.

Understanding Regulation D

Federal Regulation D (“Reg D”) limits the number of transfers from your deposit accounts that you can make without your physical presence being required. Deposit accounts include Share Savings, Club Savings, Youth Share Savings and Money Market Savings Accounts. Learn more about Regulation D, beginning on page 8 of the Account Disclosures.