Talk to Our Credit Union About Business Loans

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Affordable financing for your small- to mid-size business

Lanco Federal Credit Union offers excellent financing options for experienced small- to mid-size businesses in Lancaster County. We’re passionate about helping small business owners succeed, and your needs are important to us whether you’re looking to borrow $50,000 or $300,000.

Our business members often tell us that, compared to other banks and credit unions, the service they receive at Lanco Federal Credit Union makes the loan process easy for them.

Lanco FCU offers a variety of loans to meet the needs of your business:

Commercial Mortgages

Lanco FCU offers business mortgages for your commercial property or investment properties that you own. Terms up to 15 years are available, with rates adjusting every 5 years.

Vehicle Loans

Finance your business vehicle with a low, fixed rate loan from Lanco FCU. You can finance up to 100% LTV for passenger vehicles or up to 80% LTV for other vehicles or fleet vehicles. Terms of 3 to 7 years are available, depending on the loan amount.

Equipment Loans

Lanco FCU offers low, fixed rates and financing up to 80% LTV for your business equipment. Terms of 3-7 years are available, depending on the amount borrowed.

Visa Business Platinum Credit Cards

Lanco FCU’s Visa Business Platinum credit card offers your business convenience and flexibility to borrow as needed. With low rates and no annual fee, Lanco FCU’s Visa Business Platinum credit card is an excellent option for small- to mid-size businesses. Credit limits range from $1,000 to $20,000 based on qualifications.

General Purpose Business Loans

Lanco FCU offers unsecured loans and lines of credit for your business’s general financing needs. No collateral is required.

Apply for a business loan:

Once you’ve decided which type of loan suits your financing needs, applying is simple. Follow the instructions below to submit the required documents. A Lanco FCU representative will contact you to discuss next steps within 3 business days of the submission of a complete application.

Please note that your business must have at least two full years of financial records to be considered for loan approval.

To apply, please provide us with the following items:

  1. Business Loan Application
  2. Personal Financial Statement
  3. Most recent two years of federal tax returns for the business, if available
  4. Most recent two years of federal tax returns for the business owner(s)
  5. Property Schedule (Required if business owns investment properties)
  6. Environmental Risk Questionnaire (Required if loan will be secured by investment properties)
  7. Tenant Lease(s) for the subject-property (Required if loan will be secured by investment properties)

To return your documents electronically…

Please contact us at to request a secure link* for submitting your documents online.

*Keep your personally identifiable information protected—do not attach your documents or include sensitive information in unsecure e-mail!

To return your documents in person or via mail…

You may return your documents to any Lanco FCU branch, or mail them to Lanco Federal Credit Union, ATTN: Business Lending, 349 W Roseville Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601.

For more information:

For any questions relating to business loans, please contact the Lanco FCU team at or call us at (717) 569-7180 or (888) 318-4222.