Member Resources & FAQs

At Lanco Federal Credit Union, we want our members to have all the tools needed to achieve financial health. On this webpage, you’ll find information to help you manage your Lanco FCU accounts, your personal finances, and more.

How can I manage my accounts?

Manage your checking, savings, and loan accounts

Manage your Visa credit card

Manage your mortgage account

Manage your student loan

How can I make a loan payment?

Pay your loan from your Lanco FCU checking or savings

Make an immediate loan payment with EZ Pay

Send loan payments by check or bill pay

Make a loan payment in person

Schedule recurring loan payments so you never miss a due date

How can I order checks?

You can reorder checks online if…

Please contact us to place an order if…

Cost of check orders

How do I dispute a transaction?

Unauthorized transactions in your savings or checking account

Dispute a transaction on your Platinum Visa credit card

How do I update my contact information?

Update your address, phone number or e-mail address any time within Online Banking

Update your contact information in person

How can I transfer money to another bank or credit union?

Set up one-time or recurring payments in Bill Payer

Request, update, or cancel an ACH Origination

How can I send money to another person?

Transfer funds to another Lanco FCU member account

Send a payment to another person by e-mail

How do I send or receive a wire transfer?

Receive an incoming wire to your Lanco FCU account

Initiate an outgoing wire from your Lanco FCU account

What happens if I overdraw my account?

Overdraft Protection and Overdraft Privilege

Does Lanco FCU offer safe deposit boxes?

Rent a safe deposit box in Lancaster

How can I review my credit report?

Request your credit report for free from

Where can I get trusted information about credit unions and personal finance?

NCUA consumer website