Telephone Banking Service (Gabby)

Your accounts are just a phone call away

Woman using telephone bankingYou can access your accounts securely from any phone by calling Gabby, Lanco FCU’s 24-hour automated teller. Available in English and Spanish, calling Gabby is a quick and easy way to monitor your accounts, verify balances, review transaction history, and much more!

Local: (717) 569-5415
Toll-Free: (800) 318-4222

To access your accounts with Gabby, you will need:

  • A touch-tone phone
  • Your account number
    You can find your account number on your membership card or your periodic statement.
  • Your Gabby PIN
    If you have forgotten your Gabby PIN or locked yourself out of the system, call Lanco FCU at (717) 569-7180.
  • Your account Share IDs and Loan IDs
    You can find your IDs by referencing your periodic statement or accounts list in Online Banking, or use the Gabby menu to hear a listing of your accounts.

Tips for Using Gabby

  • Enter the exact amount for each transaction, using * (star) as the decimal between dollars and cents
    Example: $15.00 = 15*00
  • To conclude each entry, press #
  • To return to the main menu, press 3*
  • To switch to speech recognition, press 8*

View the Gabby Menu Guide