Share Certificates

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Earn More on Your Savings

A certificate allows you to earn a higher dividend rate on your savings because your funds are deposited for a fixed period of time.

Dividends post to the certificate so you can take advantage of compounding interest at the higher rate. Alternatively, you may choose to have dividends post to your share savings to enjoy the benefit of accessing dividends as they’re earned, rather than waiting for the certificate maturity.

Certificate Special: earn up to 4.00% APY*. Click for details.

Share and IRA Certificates

  • Minimum deposits as low as $500.00
  • Terms range from 6 months to 5 years
  • Special rates offered for Charter and Work Perks members

Youth Certificates

  • Available for members ages 17 and younger
  • Term of 12 months
  • Opening balances between $250.00-$499.99

Once a certificate is opened, additional deposits cannot be made and early withdrawals may incur penalties. For your convenience, your Lanco FCU certificates will automatically renew upon maturity so you can continue to earn our best rates. A 10-day grace period is provided, should you wish you make changes.

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