Money Market Savings Account

A flexible way to earn more on savings

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If you maintain a high balance in your savings or checking account, you may want to consider opening a money market savings account. This account allows you to earn a higher dividend without tying up your funds in a certificate.

  • Open and maintain a money market account with just $1,5001
  • Add funds to your money market account as often as you would like
  • Make unlimited withdrawals or transfers per month.2

See Money Market Rates

1Accounts with balances below the minimum requirement of $1,500.00 will incur a monthly fee and will not earn dividends.
2Withdrawals or transfers from your money market savings are limited by federal Regulation D to no more than six (6) automatic or preauthorized transfers from your deposit accounts per month. Once that limit has been reached, withdrawals or transfers may only be made in person, at an ATM, or by check withdrawal.