Second Chance Accounts

New Members:

Lanco Federal Credit Union no longer offers Second Chance accounts to new members.

Current Members:

We encourage you to eliminate the monthly fee and restrictions of a Second Chance account by qualifying for a regular account. When any of the following events occur, your account will be converted to a regular account:

  1. Provide proof that you have paid off any items reported as unpaid by ChexSystems
  2. Provide proof of completion for TWO of the following free courses provided by Tabor Community Services (View class schedules and register) or CareerLink:
    1. Basic Banking (101)
    2. Saving Your Money (102)
    3. Budgeting (103)
  3. Maintain your Second Chance account in good standing for 24 months without having any new unpaid items reported to ChexSystems.

If you have any questions about the status of your account, please contact a Member Service Representative.