Loan Calculators

When applying for any type of loan, it’s imperative for you to also understand the costs. And while our team here at Lanco Federal Credit Union will help you finalize everything, we know how helpful a loan calculator can be when making big choices with your money. Not only will a loan calculator give you a reliable estimate of costs and fees, but it will also provide you with the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Are you planning ahead for repayments? Looking for what kind of mortgage you can afford? Or maybe trying to consolidate your personal debt? No matter what the reason, Lanco FCU has you covered.

Make Planning Easy With Our Loan Calculators

While some people may be able to make big purchases without too much planning, most of us (including us here at Lanco) like to plan ahead. Whether you’re searching for the lowest home equity rates or working on student loan repayment, a loan calculator is a great tool to help you plan out future or current payments. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best (and most useful) loan calculators out there to help you get a better estimate for your loans.

Auto Loan Calculator

Curious as to what your monthly payments will be for your auto loan? It’s easy to calculate with this auto loan calculator!

Interest-Only Mortgage Loan Calculator

This calculator will help you generate an amortization schedule for an interest-only mortgage. You can quickly see your interest payments and your principal balance.

Mortgage Calculator

Applying for a mortgage for the very first time can be extremely intimidating. Between payments and interest rates, the numbers can be overwhelming, so let this loan calculator help!

Loan Calculator

When you need a term loan (not a line of credit), this is the calculator you’ll want to use. You can change your monthly payment, loan amount, and more to help you best calculate the numbers you want to see.

Loan Refinance Savings Calculator

Do you know how much interest you can save if you refinance your existing personal loan? You’re in luck because this calculator shows you just that!

Personal Debt Consolidation Calculator

Debt consolidation can be a great tool to help you better manage your finances. See if debt consolidation is feasible and right for you with this debt consolidation calculator.

Credit Card Balance Transfer Optimizer

No one likes to think about their credit card debt, but there are ways to make your debt more manageable. Use this calculator to see what credit card balance transfers could help you manage your monthly payments.

Home Budget Analysis Calculator

You’re a homeowner, but do you know where all of your budget is being spent? This comprehensive home budget analysis calculator can help you better understand where exactly your money is going.

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We’re Here for the Long Term

Here at Lanco FCU, we work hard to provide all of our members with the best products and services. It’s our mission to help people like you achieve their life goals by promoting good financial health and providing affordable access to credit.

That’s why you’ll always find competitive rates at our Lancaster credit union! From low-cost loans with a variety of terms and payment options to free checking that pays dividends, you’re sure to find a great deal.

Personal Banking Done Right

Did you know that Lanco FCU can help you manage all of your finances right in one place? When all of your accounts are under one roof, you don’t have to worry about missing payments or dealing with account transfers. We’ll be here to help.

Lanco FCU has been serving the Lancaster, PA community since 1965, and we want to continue to provide the best services possible. When it comes to cost, convenience, and security, Lanco FCU will be right there with you. You want your finances done right, and so do we.

Apply for a Loan Today!

Did our loan calculators help? If so—and if you’re ready to start making moves on an auto loan, personal loan, or more—you can start the application today!

Applying online takes about 10 minutes or less. Our lenders will review your information and reach out to you within 1-2 business days.